Monday, 21 June 2010

Little motivation + little concentration = little blogging

Hi ... I'm sorry not to have posted for so long. At the moment I can not concentrate enough to write a 'proper' post! However, I can do some kind of an update.

1. An application is being prepared by the local Community Mental Health Team, to request funding from the local Primary Care Trust for my treatment at the national Anxiety Disorders Unit. Currently this is awaiting a contribution from the psychiatrist.

2. Psychiatrist is visiting me later this week, as he has not met me yet - the psychiatrist changes each year. So this one needs to meet me before he can do his 'bit' for the application. Seems reasonable to me.

3. The psychiatrist is apparently considering additional medication for me, and will be talking to me about this when he sees me. Ummm ... I will take some convincing on this front. Medication being considered is anti-psychotic. I'm not psychotic, but it would be used for its sedative affect! Charming!

4. I'm on the waiting list for the ADU. If only funding was in place, I would be starting treatment in about 2 months I believe.

That's it. I am only going out once a week now. It is just too difficult, even with a support worker helping me. Sleeping very little. Watching tv, and tweeting - that's it really.

Bye for now.


  1. I'm so sorry things are so difficult for you right now. I hope you can just rest and let your batteries recharge.

    Regarding anti-psychotics, they have also been considered for me, for the same reason as you. I think it's about weighing up the pros and cons. Eg. possible drowsiness and weight gain against need to sleep and slow thoughts down.

    *Hugs* Am thinking of you, honey.

  2. This is exactly a proper post for you right now, with taking the steps to get treatment. It takes a lot of energy to persist in navigating your way through. I'm glad you are getting out once a week--that takes courage.

  3. Hi, I can relate to what you've said. Is the anti psychotic quetiapine/seroquel? I was put on that recently to help me sleep and for anxiety, just a low dose. It certainly halped me sleep, only thing that ever has.
    Anyway, take care. x

  4. helped not halped. I went into lolspeak! x

  5. I've just popped over to say, Hang in there. Do let us know when there is better news. I hope to don't have to keep waiting for two long. Remember there are people out there keen to know how you are doing and wishing you well.