Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My Winning Poem about OCD

Hi everyone

I've won a prize - a book. And here is the winning poem. It is about OCD. I wrote it five years ago. If you would like to use it, please state that it came from this blog by 'Forever Learning'. Thank you

I couldn't get the formatting right in this confounded Blogger - I love it really - honest. So I have taken photos of the poem - it does not look too good, but it is a means to an end.

It is called

Well that's it!

At the moment the OCD is running my life. I'm not so much tired of it, but just resigned to it.


  1. It is a great poem. I would like to post it - could you give me the words?

    Sometimes I love the word yet. I think for me it is implied in your blog. There is an honest acceptance of the way things are but some sort of expectation about the journey ahead, but without forcing it, without guilt trips, without the striving and living and loving in the moment. Perhaps I am completely wrong and give me a good slapping if I am but somehow I read your words above as:

    At the moment OCD is running my life and I haven't found a way round, yet.

  2. It is a beautiful poem. And I like seeing it in photos like that, make it even more powerful.


  3. I resonate with your poem, especially "Tired of/identifying/including/clarifying/--thank you for posting it.

  4. My niece is struggling with OCD. I just sent her this poem. Reading it really affected me. I almost started weeping when I read the last stanzas--
    I want to fly free, high above,
    Soaring with the wind,
    Floating amidst the clouds, content and free.
    I want drive and energy,
    To dance, to spin, to live,
    Unrestrained and spontaneous, active and vibrant.
    I want to be free.
    That's what I want for my niece too. She's in treatment now at McLain Hospital.
    It's been many years since you posted this poem. I hope that in that time you have found peace and happiness.