Saturday, 8 May 2010

At last ...

After waiting for what seems an eternity, the assessment is almost here, and I am starting to feel anxious over it - very anxious.

I have a quantity of questionnaires to complete, that will form input to it.

> One is my history of medication and therapy for OCD; I've had six courses of therapy; over two hundred sessions across about twenty years.

> One is personal information - reasonably simple excepting 'Closest Relation'. This has a very specific meaning in the world of mental health. The 'Closest Relation' will only become involved if I am considered incapable of making decisions for myself, and if the 'plan' is to section me! (That sounds great, doesn't it - the good thing is that my care co-ordinator has never considered this as relevant for me.) However, this information is now required. You can not choose who you want. There is a list of relations, from which you have to identify the first relation that you come to that exists and that resides in England. If that relation is not deemed to have the capacity to represent you, further rules come into play. If the circumstance arose, this person would represent me in discussions with consultants, and ensure that all other options for treatment have been fully considered.

> The rest of the questionnaires are multi-choice; approximately two hundred and fifty questions.

A mini-cab has been arranged to transport me, and a support worker will come with me. The assessment is approximately 3 hours, and I think that I have the opportunity to be shown around the residential unit. I will let you know how it goes.

At the moment, just thinking about it, gives me the type of feeling that I associate with returning to school after the summer holidays, and for someone who was literally terrified of school, it was hell!

ps I haven't forgotten about the promised post on:

What things can people do that would help or demonstrate love to people with OCD?

At the moment my mind is just a little bit pre-occupied - no prizes for guessing what with!


  1. When is the assessment?

    Karita x

  2. Feeling for you and thinking/ praying as well.

  3. Yikes, hope it goes really well. Those were big numbers for the sessions - does that make you an expert? :)

    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)